The Megapro Tools story starts with Hermann Fruhm – family man and innovative thinker. In the late eighties Hermann’s days were spent at the mill, and when he was at home, he was always tackling handy projects and small renovations for his family. One DIY-filled afternoon the end cap of his multi-bit screwdriver came off and the loosely stored bits scattered everywhere.

Gazing at the aftermath of the bit explosion, Hermann knew there had to be a better way and set out to find a solution. Without any knowledge of how to go about prototyping and manufacturing, Hermann used his sheer perseverance and the support of his wife, Marilyn, to build Megapro Tools from the ground up.


Fast-forward to today – Megapro Tools has been in operation over 25 years and the patented technology Hermann built into the Megapro multi-bit screwdriver has been helping tradespeople get the job done with more efficiency and comfort than ever before. Every week customers call or email with stories of how their Megapro has been their trusted tool of choice over the years.

Like Scott, who found his first Megapro in the backroads of Utah, pre-beat up and the brand name rubbed off. He proceeded to use it for over a decade when he finally broke the cap and used the patent number to find out who we were so he could get a new one…instead, we had him send in his trusted driver to us and refurbished it for him.

Or Mark, who called to let us know that he accidently drove over his tool bag when moving a truck on his jobsite. He was excited to share that his Megapro was firmly in-tact when he realized what he had done and ran to check the damage.

Or Robert, a plumber who was constantly leaving his driver behind at jobs…or in a couple cases losing the driver down the toilet…and would time after time replace his missing driver with the same tool he knew and trusted – The Original Megapro 15-in-1.

They all know that their Megapro Screwdriver is a tool they can count on – and you can count on it too. We trust this so much that all our screwdrivers come with a lifetime guarantee. Will you carry on the Megapro Tool story?

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Megapro’s drivers are built with patented features designed to make your life easier. You’ll feel the difference.

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