Selecting a bit from the Megapro original retractable bit cartridge

The Original Retractable Bit Cartridge

Gone are the days of dumping out bits to find the one you need. Over 25 years ago, Megapro was first to market with this patented technology and no one has been able to match it since. All bits are stored neatly and quickly accessible. Plus, the in-handle cartridge opens and closes with a satisfying snap (go ahead, try it!)

Using the palm-saver cap under the hood with the Megapro automotive driver

The Palm-Saver Cap™

Your hands will thank you for this one. Press down with your palm on the end of the driver and let the rotating cap offer the torque you need for even the tightest screw with no blisters or damage to your palm. The Palm-Saver Cap™ makes it easy to use the driver with one hand and increases screwing/unscrewing speed. Plus, for many, it’s the best fidget spinner you’ll ever own.

Using the ultra-strong Triax handle to repair a dishwasher with the Megapro stainless steel driver

An Ultra-Strong Triax™ Handle

When we say ultra strong, we mean it. We’ve never had a handle come back broken, though many have tried. Let’s be honest – we’ve tried too and no… it cannot be blended! (we do not condone use of the driver outside its intended purpose and the Lifetime Warranty does not cover product abuse)

Removing the bit from the shaft of a Megapro to reveal a bonus 1/4 inch hex nut driver

A Bonus ¼” Hex Nut Driver

When there’s no bit in the shaft, it can be used to drive some nuts – no need to find a different tool for the job.

The Megapro Original Collection also features rotating EZ Guide Collar™ allowing smooth shaft rotation that maintains alignment while you screw.


The Megapro Ratcheting Collection features a 28-tooth ratchet for the finest movements with 225 in/lbs torque


Tradespeople across the globe trust that when they have their Megapro in hand, they can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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