Best impulse purchase ever!

There is a good chance that you will buy a Megapro from the specially developed compact display near the cash register together with other impulse items. You will never regret the impulse purchase of a Megapro, in fact a Megapro will most likely become your most favorite tool! Because a Megapro,

  • ensures that you always have the most common bits at hand
  • does not keep you searching for the right screwdriver
  • makes it hard to lose bits thanks to the bit holder
  • bitset can be supplemented free of charge if this does happen
  • can be easily taken to any job
  • does not take up much space in the workshop, boat, camper or kitchen drawer
  • is immediately and always ready
  • stands out for its color
  • durable and strong
  • is covered by a lifetime warranty
  • has professional bit sets for every job
  • optionally works with the fixed Triax holder or the strong ratchet version
  • as a handtool will never run out of battery
  • as a handtool will give you the exact transfer of power to turn the screw
  • fits ergonomically fine in the hand with the palm protector

Free shipping in The Netherlands and free European shipping on orders over € 100,- .


Your driver is proudly designed, assembled, inspected, and packed by the Megapro family here in Canada and the USA.


All of our screwdrivers manufactured in US or Canada come with a Lifetime Warranty — and we’ve never had a handle come back broken.


Megapro’s drivers are built with patented features designed to make your life easier. You’ll feel the difference.

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